Chinese man arrested for murder of Japanese family


A Chinese man has been arrested for killing a woman and one of her sons in their home in Kanie, Aichi Prefecture, in 2009 after a DNA profile from the murder scene matched that of the suspect.

The suspect, Lin Zhenhua, 29, was arrested Friday. He told police investigators that he needed money to survive, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

Between May 1 and 2, 2009, Lin allegedly killed Kihoko Yamada, a 57-year-old working mother, and her second son, Masaki, 26, and injuring another of her sons, Isao, who is now 28. Lin is also suspected of stealing about ¥22,000 and a pair of sneakers from the injured son.

Lin was arrested in the neighboring prefecture of Mie in October this year for stealing a car worth about ¥1.6 million from a 32-year-old businessman.

According to the Aichi Prefectural Police, Kihoko Yamada was beaten with a wrench and Masaki Yamada was stabbed with a knife. Isao Yamada was slashed in the neck with a box-cutter.

Police saw a suspicious man at the scene but lost sight of him while reporting the case via radio.

The assailant left a parka and a mask at the scene as well as food he ate while in the house, from which a DNA sample was taken.

Lin, a native of Shandong Province, came to Japan in October 2003 and enrolled in Mie University in April 2006 as a privately funded international student, according to the police and other sources. He has allegedly shoplifted on numerous occasions after graduating from the university in March 2011, the sources said.