Abe’s party nets high marks for campaign pledges


The National Governors’ Association has given top marks to the Liberal Democratic Party platform for the Dec. 16 Lower House poll.

In their policy evaluations Sunday of nine the 12 parties running in the Dec. 16 race, the 17 governors who took part gave an average of 62.1 points out of 100 to the LDP and 61.9 points to the Democratic Party of Japan.

New Komeito received 58.3 points, while “third force” Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Restoration Party) earned 55.3 points, edging Your Party’s 51.3 points.

Each governor used a six-point assessment process to examine disaster recovery measures, nation-building and power decentralization, said Tottori Gov. Shinji Hirai, who compiled the results.

The LDP received high marks for its reconstruction-boosting promises but was judged reluctant to transfer power from its regional arms to local governments.

The DPJ was rated highly for its initiatives to draft a legal framework for responding to catastrophic earthquakes and for its push to reform the ministries’ regional bureaus. New Komeito gained points for measures to prevent or minimize damage from natural disasters.

Nippon Ishin scored big on pledges to rethink central and local government relations but failed to gain the governors’ unanimous support for its plan to abolish local tax grants from the state.