One-third of men in 20s view marriage prospects as iffy


A survey by a life insurance company show that 1 in 3 Japanese men in their 20s think they may not be able to find a wife, with some 60 percent of these young lovelorn males citing economic insecurity as the main reason.

The survey, conducted by Tokyo-based Lifenet Insurance Co., also found that many of the respondents would be willing to take an active role in raising children.

The results indicated a better economy could help bulk up the birthrate, Lifenet officials said.

The poll was conducted on the Internet in September and covered 450 men in their 20s.

Asked whether they think they can marry, only 27.8 percent said they want to marry and think they will, while 35.3 percent said they don’t want to get married yet.

Of those who would like to get married, 36.9 are afraid they won’t.

At the top of the reasons for this was economic insecurity, cited by 60.8 percent, compared with 48.2 percent who said they are not popular with women. More than one answer was permissible.