DeNA profits soar despite gacha ban


Online game provider DeNA Co. logged a group operating profit of ¥18.39 billion for the three months to June, up 22.4 percent from last year, based on its latest financial results.

In May, DeNA and other operators were forced to end the lucrative complete gacha game service after the Consumer Affairs Agency deemed it illegal, as it is effectively based on gambling. Still, DeNA President Isao Moriyasu said Thursday that “the closure of the service did not affect the results. It will not affect our future earnings, either.”

Sales jumped 37.4 percent from a year before to ¥47.5 billion as users increasingly purchased virtual currency that can be used to buy game items. Meanwhile, the number of registered users on DeNA’s game sites grew by 13.36 million to 43.07 million as of June 30.