Plum vinegar aids fat loss: study


A research group that includes Sapporo Beverage Co. has found that polyphenols in plum vinegar, a liquid produced in the process of making “umeboshi” pickled plums, can promote fat loss, the company said.

Sapporo Beverage hopes to further analyze the findings to develop drinks and food that tackle metabolic syndrome, a form of obesity characterized by excess visceral fat, high blood sugar levels and high blood pressure.

According to the study jointly carried out by Kinki University and the Industrial Technology Center of Wakayama Prefecture, mice fed with plum vinegar polyphenols for three weeks had two to three times larger amounts of genes linked to fat burning as those that were not.

Wakayama Prefecture is the largest producer of plums in Japan.

It is the first time such an effect from plums has been confirmed, though apple polyphenols are known to have similar benefits, the company said.