Toshiba supplies LEDs to Louvre


Toshiba Corp. is providing the Louvre with LED lights to illuminate some of its most renowned works of art, including Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.”

Work to replace the French museum’s lights is scheduled to be completed next May. The LED lights will be used until the end of 2024, Toshiba said.

Some of the exterior lights at the museum, such those for the Cour Napoleon, the main courtyard, and the Louvre Pyramid, have already been replaced under a deal with Toshiba.

Additional lights will be installed around the “Mona Lisa” and on the ceiling of the room exhibiting Eugene Delacroix’s “The 28th of July: Liberty Leading the People.”

The Louvre also plans to replace the lights in the Napoleon Hall, its main entrance, with LEDs in the first half of 2014.