High court upholds Oshio jail sentence


The Tokyo High Court on Monday upheld a 30-month prison term for actor Manabu Oshio, who was convicted of giving the synthetic drug Ecstasy to a girlfriend and neglecting to take action when she became ill after taking it and subsequently died.

While Oshio’s counsel argued that he provided proper life-saving measures, including artificial respiration and heart massage, presiding Judge Koichi Ideta said her life might have been saved if Oshio had called an ambulance immediately instead.

“The defendant neglected her out of fear that he would lose his job as an actor, as making an emergency call would reveal his drug use,” Ideta determined.

According to the court, Oshio took the drug, also known as MDMA, with the 30-year-old bar employee in August 2009 in Tokyo and failed to take care of her after she became gravely ill.