Other wrestlers unaware of pot use

Kyodo News

Wrestlers at the Magaki sumo stable have told police they were not aware that stablemate Wakanoho smoked marijuana as alleged by police, investigative sources said Wednesday.

The Russian wrestler, whose real name is Gagloev Soslan Aleksandrovich, was arrested Monday for possession of cannabis.

Police are investigating when and why the 20-year-old wrestler started smoking marijuana, and have questioned several wrestlers from the same stable, the sources said.

Police seized a cannabis pipe from the stable as well as from Wakanoho’s condominium, stirring speculation that he may have smoked marijuana at the stable as well.

The Japan Sumo Association indicated Tuesday it will dismiss Wakanoho over the allegation. He would be the first active wrestler to be dismissed in sumo’s long history if the measure is adopted at the association’s emergency executive committee meeting Thursday.