Armored car robber, 76, gets life


A 76-year-old man was sentenced to life imprisonment Monday for attempted murder, robbery and firearms possession in connection with the holdup of an armored cash transporter in Osaka in 2001.

In handing down the ruling at the Osaka District Court, the presiding judge, Masaki Nishida, said Hiroshi Nakamura has shown no regret for the “well-premeditated crime” and remains “firm in his attitude of ignoring the order of law and making light of human life.”

“His rehabilitation would be markedly difficult,” Nishida said.

During the trial, Nakamura denied committing attempted murder and robbery but admitted concealing guns and other weapons.

Nakamura shot and seriously wounded a security guard in the leg in a bank parking lot in Osaka’s Miyakojima Ward on Oct. 5, 2001, and made off with a bag containing 5 million yen in cash. He was also found in possession of 10 handguns and ammunition in Tokyo.

Nakamura is currently serving a 15-year prison sentence for a separate incident in 2002, when he robbed an armored cash transporter and shot and wounded two guards outside a bank in Nagoya.