Roads agency section chief held over bribes

Tokyo police arrested a section chief of the Japan Highway Public Corp. on Monday for allegedly receiving more than 1 million yen in bribes from two companies in connection with highway works contracts.

Police arrested three people — two employees of Omron Corp., an electric control equipment manufacturer, and an executive of Koito Industries Ltd., a signal and information equipment manufacturer,the same day for offering the bribes, the Metropolitan Police Department said. Those arrested were Nobuaki Mizukoshi, 45, of Kawasaki, chief of the Public Highway Corp.’s second facilities section; Mikio Kobayashi, 48, of Shiki, Saitama Prefecture, a section chief of Omron; Masanori Unami, 28, an Omron employee; and Yukihiro Suzuki, 50, of Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, a section chief of Koito Industries,

In connection with the bribery case, MPD officers searched the offices of Omron and Koito Industries, both in Tokyo’s Minato Ward. According to investigators, Mizukoshi is suspected of having accepted a total of more than 1 million yen in payoffs from the two companies in return for giving them favors in connection with contracts to install information display facilities on the Tomei Expressway.