| Oct 6, 2014

Emperor Hirohito's annals released

The Imperial Household Agency has compiled the annals of the late Emperor Hirohito, known posthumously as Emperor Showa, into 61 volumes that portray him as being distressed that he could not stop his country from going to war, according to Kyodo News.

| Sep 22, 2014

A peculiar perspective on the capricious word hen

by Mark Schreiber

One major event in Japan’s 16th-century civil war — which is the focus of “Gunshi Kanbei (Strategist Kanbei),” NHK’s current Sunday-night drama series — involves the duplicitous warlord Akechi Mitsuhide. Probably moved by personal jealousy, Mitsuhide betrayed his lord and ally, Oda Nobunaga, by ...