Jun 26, 2015

Teen admits bludgeoning father to death in Sapporo

A teenager was arrested Thursday for allegedly killing his 51-year-old father at his home in Sapporo, after turning himself in and admitting to the slaying, police said. According to the Sapporo police, the 18-year-old hit his father with a bat-like object at around 11 ...

Apr 12, 2014

Teen grilled over ¥400 million scam

The Metropolitan Police Department has arrested a high-school student from the western Tokyo suburb of Chofu for allegedly perpetrating an “it’s me” telephone scam that fleeced his victims out of roughly ¥400 million. Police sources said the 17-year-old denied involvement in the scam as ...

Australian teen takes control after pilot faints

Jan 26, 2014

Australian teen takes control after pilot faints

A teenager described on Sunday how he took the controls of a light plane for more than half an hour after the pilot passed out during a joy flight over rural Australia. Troy Jenkins, 19, said the single-engine Cessna 150 was only 10 minutes ...

Teach your teens basic life skills

Feb 4, 2013

Teach your teens basic life skills

by Mari-jane Williams

Everyone graduates from high school knowing how to read, write and do basic math (you would hope). But to be a self-sufficient adult, those skills are not enough. In fact, they’re nowhere close to enough. Advanced skills in academic areas aren’t going to help ...