Dec 20, 2013

Hotel operators rapped over misleading menus

The Consumer Affairs Agency has reprimanded Hankyu Hanshin Hotels Co. and two other companies for breaking the law on preventing misleading presentation by “falsely labeling” food on their menus. The agency on Thursday urged the three Osaka-based firms to come up with preventive measures. ...

Dec 5, 2013

Tokyo eatery loses Michelin three-star ranking

The Michelin Guide has cut the number of Tokyo restaurants with its top rank by one, reducing the city’s three-star winners for the second year in a row. Tempura restaurant 7chome Kyoboshi was removed from the list, leaving 14 three-star restaurants in the Tokyo ...

Nov 21, 2013

Japan mulls legal crackdown on food fraud

The government will propose legal revisions early next year to address the food misrepresentations on hotel and restaurant menus that have made headlines of late, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Thursday. The legal change is needed at the next ordinary Diet session, which ...

| Nov 16, 2013

Think caviar but brace for caveat

by Eric Johnston

In one of the most memorable scenes of the late, and sorely missed, Juzo Itami’s classic 1985 film “Tampopo” (“Dandelion”), Japanese businessmen enter a French restaurant. Confused by the exotic items on the menu, the elderly members of the party stick to what they ...

Nov 12, 2013

Agency checks inns amid food fraud

The Consumer Affairs Agency has inspected two hotels in Osaka over food mislabeling at their restaurants, according to sources. The inspection at the Ritz-Carlton Osaka, operated by Hanshin Hotel Systems under the umbrella of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Inc., was conducted Monday, while that at ...

Nov 5, 2013

Chef declines 'role model' medal

In light of the food mislabeling scandal at Hankyu Hanshin Hotels Co., the head chef of the company’s Chinese food division declined a Medal of Honor from the government he was soon to receive, company sources said. The sources quoted Seiji Oishi, 63, as ...

More restaurants tied to food fraud

| Oct 31, 2013

More restaurants tied to food fraud

Following Hankyu Hanshin Hotels Co.'s admission that dozens of its restaurants misrepresented the food on their menus, "revelations" have emerged that several other eateries around the nation are doing the same thing.

Kinki University fish lab opening Ginza eatery

Oct 30, 2013

Kinki University fish lab opening Ginza eatery

by Tomoko Otake

A fisheries research lab at Kinki University in Wakayama Prefecture is poised to make a smashing debut in the heart of Japan’s gourmet capital: Ginza. The private university will open a fish restaurant in the glitzy Tokyo district on Dec. 2, serving tuna, red ...

Hankyu Hanshin Hotels chief to quit over menu scandal

Oct 28, 2013

Hankyu Hanshin Hotels chief to quit over menu scandal

The president of Hankyu Hanshin Hotels Co. said Monday he will step down on Friday to take the blame for a lengthy food advertising scandal involving menus at its inns and restaurants. “We betrayed our customers, and we can’t deny the allegation that we ...