Jan 5, 2017

Mass production of batteries begins at Tesla-Panasonic factory

Tesla Motors Inc. said Wednesday that mass production of lithium-ion battery cells along with Panasonic Corp. has begun at a plant being jointly built by the two companies outside Reno, Nevada. The Gigafactory is expected to be a major foothold for Panasonic to expand ...

Dec 28, 2016

Tesla, Panasonic to begin solar panel production in New York

Tesla Motors Inc. and Panasonic Corp. completed work on an agreement to begin manufacturing solar cells and modules at Tesla’s factory in Buffalo, New York, eventually bringing some 1,400 jobs to the region. Production will begin this summer, with the factory’s output capacity expanding ...

Nov 6, 2016

Panasonic raps employees for accepting dinners from suppliers

Panasonic Corp. has disciplined more than 90 employees involved in TV-related procurement deals for accepting dinners from parts suppliers overseas in violation of company rules, a company official said Saturday. The employees had been wined and dined by local parts manufacturers on over 2,000 ...

Panasonic cuts 2016 earnings forecast on strong yen

Oct 31, 2016

Panasonic cuts 2016 earnings forecast on strong yen

Panasonic Corp. has lowered its full-year group earnings forecast for the current business year through next March, citing factors such as a stronger yen and a slump in solar business. For fiscal 2016, the Osaka-based electronics maker said Monday it now expects an operating ...

Japan's architects are building a better future

Aug 20, 2016

Japan's architects are building a better future


Home-security AI cats; talking walls equipped with motion sensors; communal-living apartment blocks that promote harmonious relations; and outdoor living-room spaces powered by solar energy siphoned off hybrid cars — these previews of our future, currently on display at “House Vision 2,” sound like science ...