Obama opens East Coast to sonic oil search surveys

Jul 19, 2014

Obama opens East Coast to sonic oil search surveys

The Obama administration is reopening the U.S. Eastern Seaboard to offshore oil and gas exploration, approving seismic surveys using sonic cannons that can pinpoint energy deposits deep beneath the ocean floor. Friday’s announcement is the first real step toward what could be a transformation ...

Jul 15, 2014

Friends share DNA similarities, study finds

You may be more similar to your friends than you think: A study suggests that the DNA code tends to be more alike between friends than between strangers. That’s beyond the effect of shared ethnicity, researchers say. And it could be important for theories ...

Jul 14, 2014

Freak lightning strikes in U.S. park kill two in two days

Lightning has been blamed for the death of a visitor to Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park for the second day in a row. Park spokeswoman Kyle Patterson says officials were notified Saturday of four people being struck by lightning near Trail Ridge Road. The ...

An audience with an island menace

| Jul 12, 2014

An audience with an island menace

by Mark Brazil

By 8 o’clock on a warm early summer morning on Chichijima, one of Tokyo’s Ogasawara Islands, bright sunshine was already threatening to overwhelm my light-sensitive eyes and the heat was cranking up in preparation for what I refer to as reptilian warmth. The panoramic ...

Jul 3, 2014

U.S., Japan scientists withdraw claim of simpler stem cells

U.S. and Japanese scientists who reported that they’d found a startlingly simple way to make stem cells withdrew that claim Wednesday, admitting to “extensive” errors in the research. In two papers published in January in the journal Nature, the researchers said that they’d been ...

Jul 2, 2014

'Slavery' driving apes to extinction

Thousands of great apes are killed or trafficked into “slavery” each year in a multimillion dollar illegal trade that is driving some of man’s closest relatives toward extinction, conservationists said Tuesday. “Organized criminal networks, involving corrupt government officials, threaten great apes with extinction by ...

Jul 1, 2014

Obokata to join cell verification experiment at Riken

The government-backed Riken research institute said it will allow discredited researcher Haruko Obokata to participate in an experiment to verify whether her so-called STAP cells exist as she claims. Starting Tuesday, Obokata was to join a verification experiment that began in April at her ...

Jul 1, 2014

Yosemite celebrates 150th anniversary

Yosemite National Park on Monday marked 150 years since President Abraham Lincoln signed an act protecting the park for generations of visitors. The celebration included a groundbreaking to launch a project restoring the Mariposa Grove, which consists of 500 mature giant sequoia trees that ...