Jan 23, 2017

Dozens evacuated in Hong Kong after WWII bomb found near campus

Dozens of people were evacuated Monday after a World War II bomb was discovered at a construction site in Hong Kong, near a university campus and staff quarters. Building workers and residents of a university hall were moved after the 500-pound (227 kg) U.S.-made ...

Dec 28, 2016

Hong Kong's first bird flu patient this winter dies

An elderly Hong Kong man died on Christmas Day from bird flu, the government said on Tuesday, the first human infection in the city this winter. The Centre for Health Protection of the Health Department said the 75-year-old man, who was diagnosed with the ...

WWII sacrifice of 'Free French' defending Hong Kong

Dec 8, 2016

WWII sacrifice of 'Free French' defending Hong Kong

Seventy-five years ago, a handful of idealistic “Free French” took up arms to defend the British colony of Hong Kong in a futile battle against Japanese invaders. But their sacrifice, though largely unknown in their homeland, is not forgotten in Asia. There are six ...

Singapore armored vehicles seized by Hong Kong customs

Nov 24, 2016

Singapore armored vehicles seized by Hong Kong customs

Armored vehicles and equipment belonging to the Singapore military were seized by Hong Kong customs at a major port in the city after arriving from Taiwan, Singapore’s defense ministry said Thursday. Without mentioning Taiwan, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement that a ...

Nov 14, 2016

Hong Kong's autonomy eroded

Beijing's promise to uphold the "one country, two systems" formula that was designed to protect Hong Kong's distinct features — in particular its political system — looks increasingly empty.