Feb 5, 2016

U.S. struggling to build anti-Islamic State strategy in Libya

The Obama administration is struggling to find the right mix of military and diplomatic moves to stop the Islamic State in Libya, where the extremist group has taken advantage of the political chaos in the country to gain a foothold with worrying implications for ...

Feb 4, 2016

Pentagon admits hundreds more boots on ground in Iraq than reported

Hundreds more American troops are serving in Iraq than the Pentagon has previously stated, an official said Wednesday in an acknowledgment underscoring the sensitivity of U.S. deployments to the war-torn nation. Officially, the Pentagon has long said about 3,500 American troops are stationed in ...

Feb 3, 2016

Obama to make first trip to U.S. mosque

Seven years into his presidency, Barack Obama will make his first trip to an American mosque on Wednesday, offering a symbolic rebuttal of harsh Republican election rhetoric against Muslims. Obama, whose grandfather converted to Islam, will make the short helicopter ride to the Islamic ...

Iraqi military still struggling despite U.S. training

Feb 2, 2016

Iraqi military still struggling despite U.S. training

Iraq’s 72nd Brigade was slowly moving through a live-fire exercise recently under the watchful eyes of U.S., Spanish and British coalition trainers when things began to go wrong. One part of the unit moved forward too quickly across the open field of the military ...

Obama looks to take fight to Islamic State in Libya

Jan 30, 2016

Obama looks to take fight to Islamic State in Libya

U.S. President Barack Obama has asked key advisers to draw up options for ratcheting up the fight against the Islamic State group, including opening a new front in Libya. Eighteen months after a U.S.-led coalition began airstrikes against IS in Iraq and Syria, multiple ...