Mar 6, 2014

Women's entry into Shinto priesthood is on the rise

by Takeshi Nishide

Women are entering another traditional, male-dominated field in Japan — the Shinto priesthood — at a slow but steadily increasing pace. Nobuyo Otagaki, 43, is one pioneering female Shinto priest, making an unusual career shift from flight attendant. Otagaki was born into a Shinto ...

Family flashbacks to a psychedelic day with Kitty

| Feb 20, 2014

Family flashbacks to a psychedelic day with Kitty

In this column, it has been my sworn duty to share Tokyo’s bounty of kid-friendly activities with interested parents like you. I hope earlier columns indicate that I take this responsibility seriously, striving to showcase only places that add much-needed components of fun, culture ...

Feb 20, 2014

Cracking the code of computer education

by John Naughton

Last week, my inbox began to fill up with angry emails. Had I seen the dreadful/unbelievable/disgraceful/hilarious (delete as appropriate) “Newsnight” interview with Lottie Dexter? I hadn’t, and as I’d never heard of Ms. Dexter, I wasn’t unduly bothered. After all, life is too short ...

Feb 13, 2014

The trouble with books that change over time

by John Naughton

A few weeks ago, I bought a copy of “The Second Machine Age” by two MIT researchers, Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, who are among the most insightful commentators currently writing about the likely impact on employment of advanced robotics, machine learning and big-data ...

Jan 23, 2014

Text and walk at your peril — and the peril of those around you

Checking texts while walking impairs a person’s ability to follow a straight line and keep a normal pace, and may pose risks to other pedestrians, according to a study released Wednesday. Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia decided to study texting while ...