Feel young again with the 'yokozuna' products of last year

Jan 9, 2017

Feel young again with the 'yokozuna' products of last year


Back in 1971, a newly launched newspaper covering retailing and distribution, named the 日経流通新聞 (Nikkei Ryūtsū Shimbun, subsequently named Nikkei Marketing Journal), was looking for a promotional idea. It came up with a real winner by mimicking a 相撲番付 (sumō banzuke, a stylized hierarchical ...

| Jan 9, 2017

Play down the hype with a so-so phrase

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Un … māmā-kana. (Hmm. It was … so-so.) Situation 1: On her first day back at the office after the holidays, Ms. Gray speaks with Ms. Tamachi. グレイ: お正月休み、実家に帰ったんでしょ?楽しかった? 田町: うん…、まあまあかな。 Gray: O-shōgatsu-yasumi, jikka-ni kaetta-n-desho? Tanoshikatta? Tamachi: Un … māmā-kana. Gray: You went back ...

| Jan 9, 2017

Amazon testing cashier-free retail store

Amazon on Dec. 5 unveiled a new kind of retail store, with no cashiers. In the concept store in Seattle, customers start by scanning an app on their smartphones when entering the store, and then they can fill their shopping carts and walk out ...

| Jan 2, 2017

Let's discuss catching a cab

This week’s featured article SHUSUKE MURAI, THE JAPAN TIMES The base fare for short taxi rides in Tokyo will get cheaper starting on Jan. 30 in a bid to lure the business of foreign tourists and the elderly. The new rate, applied to cabs ...