| Jul 14, 2014

LDP lawmaker apologizes for sexist jibe

A Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker apologized on June 23 for shouting a sexist remark at a female colleague from Your Party while she was asking questions about maternity support measures during a plenary session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly.

In Japan, the 'collapse of the family' is old news

Jul 14, 2014

In Japan, the 'collapse of the family' is old news

by Kaori Shoji

One of the things the Japanese media love to discuss is kazoku no hōkai (家族の崩壊, collapse of the family) — an evergreen topic that’s been around since the late 1960s, a time when most urban Japanese families could first afford a television. Academics and ...

| Jul 7, 2014

Otoko-rashī hito-ga taipu-na-no-ne.

by Akemi Tanahashi and Hitomi Tashiro

Today we will introduce some expressions that describe the behaviors, physical features or attributes that characterize a person and X(noun)らしいY(noun) is one of these expressions, as in Ms. Tamachi's 男(おとこ)らしい人(ひと)( a manly person) in Situation 1, or as in 先生(せんせい)らしい態度(たいど)(The attitude that is appropriate ...