| Feb 22, 2014

Satori no Sedai

Satori no Sedai," or "Generation Resignation," is a term used to describe those born around the time the economy started to slide two decades ago.

Playing the Japanese name game

| Feb 16, 2014

Playing the Japanese name game

by Mark Schreiber

Once, when telephoning the international PR office of a major electronics manufacturer, I got lucky. Without my even asking, the young woman who picked up the phone volunteered her name, saying 私は青木と申します (Watashi wa Aoki to mōshimasu, My name is Aoki). Actually it sounded ...

| Feb 8, 2014

Frost quake

A frost quake (shimo jishin, or 霜地震) is produced when soil or groundwater that has become saturated with water after a period of heavy rainfall freezes and expands after a sharp drop in air temperature. The earth subsequently cracks, creating a loud popping sound ...

It's never too early to start <I>juken</I>

| Feb 2, 2014

It's never too early to start juken

by Peter Backhaus

It’s that time of year again, when hundreds of thousands of soon-to-be high school graduates are busy taking university entrance exams for the coming academic year. This activity is commonly known as juken (受験), and usually translated into English as “taking an examination.” The ...