| Mar 16, 2014

Chotto, kōen-wo sanpo-shite-kimasu

by Akemi Tanahashi and Hitomi Tashiro

Chotto, kōen-wo sanpo-shite-kimasu. (I’m just taking a walk in the park.) Situation 1: On Sunday, Mr. Shiba is going out to take a walk. 夫: ちょっと、公園を散歩してくるよ。 妻: それなら、スーパーの前を通るでしょ。おしょうゆを買ってきて。 Otto: Chotto, kōen-wo sanpo-shite-kuru-yo. Tsuma: Sore-nara, sūpā-no mae-wo tōru-desho. O-shōyu-wo katte-kite. Husband: I’m just taking a ...

| Mar 15, 2014

Zero-hour contract

A zero-hour contract is an employment contract used in the U.K. containing provisions that create an "on-call" arrangement between an employer and employee.

I hereby take myself as my lawfully wedded <I>yome</I>

| Mar 9, 2014

I hereby take myself as my lawfully wedded yome

by Kaori Shoji

I was trudging home the other night with a dōryō (同僚, colleague) after another in a series of sābisu zangyō (サービス残業, unpaid overtime) sessions, debating whether to skip dinner or stop off at the nearest 24-hour sūpā (スーパー, supermarket). Out of the blue, my ...

| Mar 8, 2014


Aruki-sumaho or, literally, "smartphone walking" refers to a pedestrian who uses a mobile phone while walking.