| Jun 19, 2013

Washington skipper a cool customer


When a man is in the eye of the hurricane, he is sometimes blissfully unaware of the turbulence all around him. Such was the case with Davey Johnson, both as the manager of the Washington Nationals last season and as a trailblazing Yomiuri Giants ...

| Jun 5, 2013

Lack of American heavyweights sad


What if they held a world heavyweight title fight and no one in America showed up? Or even cared. Well, then, you would be talking about virtually every title tilt involving heavies this century, most of which transpired in Europe. Because of the absence ...

| Apr 24, 2013

Remembering Jackie and lessons learned


One cool thing about being an old coot like MAS is that when Hollywood cranks out a historic docudrama, you often remember experiencing the event portrayed first-hand. So it is with “42” — the movie about Jackie Robinson breaking the big league color barrier ...

| Apr 10, 2013

NFL combine, pro days pointless


It’s time once more for NFL personnel honchos to play “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” In other words, the pro football draft will be taking place shortly. And much like 8-year olds at a birthday party playing that ageless blindfold game, team mucky-mucks ...

| Mar 27, 2013

Dodgers gone, but memories remain


The Dodgers MLB franchise sure has a way of breaking the hearts of towns that love them. First, back in 1957, “Dem Bums” — as they were then-affectionately known — jilted Brooklyn and split for the riches of Los Angeles. To this day, Brooklynites ...

| Mar 22, 2013

Montenegro a challenge for England


It is a moment Jonathan Pearce will never forget. Pearce, who now has a leading role in the BBC’s football commentating team, was covering the 1994 World Cup qualifying game between San Marino and England for the commercial radio station Capital Gold in November ...

| Mar 20, 2013

Nuggets may be changing the game


The Denver Nuggets are trying to do what the conventional wisdom says in the NBA cannot be done. Twice. And they may actually be on the way. You are supposed to lose the trade when you give up the All-Star and all-NBA player, though ...