Gender bending in Japan

Jul 13, 2013

Gender bending in Japan

by Michael Hoffman

Do our genitals define us? Increasingly, they do not. Is sexuality more complicated than male/female? Increasingly, it is. Or maybe not increasingly: Maybe the only thing that’s changed over the ages is how much of our true selves society lets us show. The Bible, ...

May 12, 2013

Trendsetting U.S. craft beers pour into Germany

by Michael Birnbaum

Almost 65 years after Allied planes flew Western supplies into blockaded Berlin, a new American import is arriving by air: craft beer. The beer is being flown in due to a new surge of German interest in American brewing that’s upending a centuries-old relationship ...

Ancient Roman bones reveal brutal history

Apr 14, 2013

Ancient Roman bones reveal brutal history

by Guy Gugliotta

In the days of ancient Rome, it was never a good idea to send amateurs to pacify the Germanic tribes. The Emperor Augustus found this out in A.D. 9, when his handpicked crony, Varus, blundered into a series of ambushes in the Teutoburg Forest ...

Gardening offers original ideas for repurposing goods

Apr 2, 2013

Gardening offers original ideas for repurposing goods

by Adrian Higgins

Ruthie Mundell opens a door within the warehouse of the nonprofit thrift store known as Community Forklift and eagerly displays the donations of countless gardeners. Hoses, weed whackers, clay pots, axes and lawn mowers all form a silent testimony to hours of yardwork. What ...