Jan 16, 2014

Big old trees found to store more CO2

Despite their greater age, big old trees do more than small young ones to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, said a study that explores how well forests slow global warming. The findings overturn the conventional view that old trees are relatively unproductive in ...

Seasons come and go — but when?

| Jan 11, 2014

Seasons come and go — but when?

by Mark Brazil

Another new year has arrived and a Hokkaido blizzard is tearing past my window, drifting snow onto every surface as if it means to drown out the world in whiteness. Thankfully it also brings a muffling silence into which thoughts pop and crackle. As ...

Protecting nature to protect ourselves

| Dec 21, 2013

Protecting nature to protect ourselves

by Stephen Hesse

This month’s column takes an intrepid look at efforts to expand protected areas in Japan and worldwide, areas that are essential to conserve biological diversity and mitigate natural disasters. “Intrepid” because ecosystems are the backbone of food and water security, and with national security ...

Dec 15, 2013

Could felling trees help cool the planet?

It is an article of faith that preserving trees is critical to cooling our warming planet. Millions of hectares of forest are wiped out every year, cut down to make room for agriculture and, increasingly, urban growth, mostly in developing nations. Such deforestation is ...

Modest deal ends deadlock at U.N. climate talks

Nov 24, 2013

Modest deal ends deadlock at U.N. climate talks

Avoiding a last-minute breakdown, annual U.N. climate talks limped forward Saturday with a modest set of decisions meant to pave the way for a new pact to fight global warming. More than 190 countries agreed in Warsaw to start preparing “contributions” for the new ...