| Feb 12, 2004

Classic game builds on game classic


Nintendo’s Metroid has always been more popular in the United States and Europe than in Japan, but I’m really not sure why. The series follows the adventures of Samus, a female microbe-massacring bounty-hunter/astronaut, in some truly incredible space armor. Samus started her career in ...

| Jan 29, 2004

Zip and zap -- Sonic's back


“Sonic Heroes,” a very entertaining new arcade adventure from Sega for GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2, has four background stories — and not one of them make sense. Don’t worry about it, though. All you really need to know is that an evil inventor ...

| Jan 15, 2004

Green man hulks his weight about


“Hulk,” a game based on the new Universal Studios movie, has an element that is missing from most games based on superheroes — fun. (Yeah, yeah, I know, Activision’s “Spider-Man” games sold in the millions and you got to swing from building to building ...

| Dec 25, 2003

Egypt game brought to life


Sphinx is an ancient but not unathletic Egyptian hero with gangly arms and a lion’s tail. Tut, short for Tutankhamen, is a goofy prince turned into a mummy before his time by an evil brother — but being a mummy has certain advantages. Since ...

| Dec 11, 2003

Mortality vs. morality


James Cash is the death row inmate and protagonist of “Manhunt” — an ultra-violent new game for PlayStation2 from Rockstar Games — and is given a new lease of life when his lethal injection turns out to be a sedative. The Darkwoods Penitentiary staff ...

| Nov 27, 2003

Hobbit's-eye view of world


You cannot put yourself in Frodo’s shoes as Hobbits walk barefoot. You can, however, walk in Frodo’s virtual footsteps. In “The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” (ROTK), players visit Middle Earth as the main characters from the “The Lord of the ...

| Nov 13, 2003

Come to Disney, go to Mars


Mission: Space, a new ride/space flight simulator at Epcot Center, part of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, takes Disney guests in a whole new direction — straight up into space. The byproduct of a partnership between computer giant Hewlett Packard and Disney, ...

N-Gage fails to engage

| Oct 30, 2003

N-Gage fails to engage


It’s no use beating around the bush, N-Gage, the new hand-held cellular telephone/video game system hybrid from Nokia, is quite probably the worst game system in video game history — and that’s counting such notable disasters as the Nintendo Virtual Boy and the Bandai ...

| Oct 9, 2003

TV icons hit the road


What do you get when you cross America’s favorite dysfunctional family with the video game “Grand Theft Auto III”? You get “The Simpsons: Hit & Run,” a new game from Vivendi Universal Games for Xbox. Few Americans are familiar with Astro Boy and, I ...

| Sep 25, 2003

Worth fighting for


Most “greatest hits” games are too familiar. They were great when they came out last Christmas and everybody bought them, but now they’re simply old. “Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution,” a fighting game from Sega for the PlayStation 2, however, has the blush of youth. ...

| Sep 11, 2003

Let's roll -- at 800 kph


If there was ever a litmus test for hardcore gamers, “F-Zero GX” (F-Zero), a new antigravity racing game by Nintendo for the GameCube, is that test. In “F-Zero,” players steer high-speed, hovering rockets around futuristic race tracks. While a few tracks are quite simple, ...

| Aug 28, 2003

A horror smorgasbord


With monsters in the hallways, blood on the wall and gross-outs lurking behind every corner, “Silent Hill 3” is an all-out assault on the player’s sensibilities. In “Silent Hill 3,” the latest addition to the popular horror series from Konami for PlayStation2, players control ...