Big old trees found to store more CO2


Despite their greater age, big old trees do more than small young ones to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, said a study that explores how well forests slow global warming.

The findings overturn the conventional view that old trees are relatively unproductive in absorbing heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

In more than 400 tree species studied, the bigger and older specimens grew fastest and trapped the most carbon, the scientists found.

“In human terms, it is as if our growth just keeps accelerating after adolescence instead of slowing down,” Nathan Stephenson of the U.S. Geological Survey said of the findings, published Wednesday in the journal Nature.

  • techboom

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    taxes. The other planets in the solar system have rising and falling
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    at the same times that Earth does and
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    willingness to feel guilty and/or responsible for everything bad. Bear
    in mind that the Earth had much higher levels of CO2 in the distant past
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    Do we hurt the planet with pollution……YES!

    Are we causing “climate change”……..NO!

    They can’t even call it “global warming” any more
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