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Rina Matsudaira: Insider-Out

A graduate of nihonga (Japanese-style painting) from the Kyoto City University of Arts, Rina Matsudaira focuses on the notion of distance. She deconstructs artistic processes and techniques to explore distances between dream and reality, classical art and emotional expression, and the inconsistencies in art ...

The Woodcut World of Asano Takeji

Takeji Asano (1900-99) first gained acclaim as a landscape ukiyo-e woodblock print artist at the age of 31, when he completed his “New Urban Landscapes” series of Osaka and Kyoto views. Though he continued to use traditional techniques throughout his career, he also produced ...

Out of Real

For this exhibition, the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art has selected of 124 works, including paintings, photography and sculpture, from its collection of 9,000 items. The exhibits all come under the broad theme of “real,” which refers to not only realism and reality, but ...

The Secret of Simplicity: Dick Bruna’s Design

Globally renown for his “Miffy” series, Dick Bruna, who passed away in February, started work at his father’s publishing company designing paperback covers and posters. When he began his career as a picture-book writer, however, he did so independently and produced 124 picture books ...

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Human: Ideal Expression of People in Japanese Painting

People and the human condition were common subjects among Japan’s modern painters. Bijin-ga depicted beautiful women, Buddhist works were considered as the ultimate representation of humankind and noted figures and literary characters were celebrated in historical paintings. Influenced by an influx of late 19th- ...

N.S. Harsha: Charming Journey

As one of India’s leading contemporary artists, N.S. Harsha is well known not only for his participation in international exhibitions, but also for his contribution to local communities through creative projects and workshops for children across the world. Harsha’s works depict daily experiences in ...

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