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Eternal Treasures from Kasugataisha Shrine

Registered in 1998 as a World Heritage Site, Kasuga Grand Shrine was built in the eighth century as a prayer offering for the protection of Heijokyo, (the capital of Japan, 710-784) and for the prosperity of its people. The Tokyo National Museum is honoring ...

Yoshitoshi, a Genius Ukiyo-e Master in a Turbulent Time

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-92), one of the great ukiyo-e masters, was an unusually progressive artist for his time. Having studied under Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798-1861), his style is believed to have been later influenced by the techniques of Western artworks, which were then being brought Japan. ...

The People by Kishin

 Photographer Kishin Shinoyama’s perceptive insight and virtual disregard of social norms have made him both an admirable pursuer of avant-gardism and a target of conservative criticism. This traveling exhibition, which debuted in Tokyo, is the first major retrospective of Kishin’s photography in Japan. Up ...

Tomoko Konoike: ‘Skin, Needle, Thread'

Tomoko Konoike is renowned for her large-scale installations featuring contemporary interpretations of mythical motifs. Though she took a break after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, she recently returned to creating new pieces in collaboration with experts in anthropology, archeology, folklore and other fields. ...

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TOP Collection: Tokyo Tokyo and Tokyo

This is the Tokyo Photographic Art (TOP) Museum’s first exhibition of works drawn from its collection since it re-opened in September after two years of renovation. Formerly known as the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, TOP boasts a vast collection of works, including many ...

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