A lifetime's observations

Dec 28, 2006

A lifetime's observations

by Alexander Jacoby

He saw Ginza when it was a blackened plain but for the bombed-out Mitsukoshi department store, the Hattori Building and a handful of other structures left standing. He observed the city as it was rebuilt, and its people. He observed, and then he wrote. ...

Jan 9, 2005

Life in the land where boredom is not an option

by Stephen Mansfield

Writer, commentator and film specialist Donald Richie has had a good year, on that saw, among other things, the publication of “The Japan Journals” and his receipt of the Rising Sun With Gold Rays, a prestigious award honoring a lifetime of achievement in the ...

Sep 1, 2002

Films, Zen, Japan

by Eric Prideaux

Donald Richie is regarded as the leading Western authority on Japanese film. He first came to Japan in 1947 as a civilian typist for the U.S. Occupational forces — an intelligent, restless 22-year-old in search of purpose. Richie, 78, began his career writing features ...

How Lon Chaney led to lifetime of Japanese film

Feb 2, 2002

How Lon Chaney led to lifetime of Japanese film

by Angela Jeffs

I’m rarely nervous these days. But the prospect of sitting down with author, academic, film scholar and art critic Donald Richie has me ever so slightly on edge. Movies like Akira Kurosawa’s “Rashomon,” seen as a student in England, were profound in effect. Forty ...