Feb 16, 2017

Fossils show quick rebound of life after ancient mass extinction

Fossils including sharks, sea reptiles and squid-like creatures dug up in Idaho reveal a marine ecosystem thriving relatively soon after Earth’s worst mass extinction, contradicting the long-held notion life was slow to recover from the calamity. Scientists on Wednesday described the surprising fossil discovery ...

Feb 15, 2017

Cat lost in Austria turns up in the Netherlands

Six months after her cat ran away, a woman in the Netherlands is looking forward to a reunion — in an Austrian village 950 kilometers (600 miles) away. Austrian state broadcaster ORF reports that Pepper recently turned up in Aschbach-Markt, west of Vienna. She ...

Gecko does 'striptease' to avoid becoming lunch

Feb 9, 2017

Gecko does 'striptease' to avoid becoming lunch

A newly discovered gecko uses a weird but ingenious tactic to evade capture: it strips down to its pink, naked skin and flees, leaving its attacker with a mouthful of scales, scientists have revealed. The hard, dense flakes come off with “exceptional ease” and ...

Chicago aquarium euthanizes more than 90-year-old lungfish

Feb 7, 2017

Chicago aquarium euthanizes more than 90-year-old lungfish

An Australian lungfish that entranced visitors to Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium for more than 80 years has been euthanized due to old age, the popular tourist attraction announced Monday. Granddad, who was 4-foot-long and weighed 25 pounds, had stopped eating and started showing signs of ...

Beleaguered bees hit by 'deformed wing virus'

Feb 3, 2017

Beleaguered bees hit by 'deformed wing virus'

A wing-deforming virus shortens the life span of wild honeybees already contending with a startlingly long list of existential threats, researchers said Wednesday. Spread by microscopic mites, the microbe disrupts bees’ foraging and curtails their lives, experiments confirmed for the first time. “Deformed wing ...

Feb 2, 2017

Mexico's vaquita porpoise close to extinction

Mexico’s vaquita marina is edging closer to extinction as scientists warned Wednesday that only 30 were left despite navy efforts to intercept illegal fishing nets killing the world’s smallest porpoise. “The already desperate situation has worsened, despite existing conservation measures and current enforcement efforts,” ...