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'Genichiro Inokuma: Murals'

Apr 11, 2013

"Genichiro Inokuma: Murals"

by Florian Turgeon

“A painting is not something one should keep to oneself,” explains the mural artist Genichiro Inokuma. “It should bring joy and inspiration to as many people as possible.” This suits the recovery of a hidden mural by Inokuma that had been hidden for years ...

'Showa Memorial: Atae Yuki'

Apr 4, 2013

"Showa Memorial: Atae Yuki"

by Tomohiro Osaki

Doll maker Yuki Atae had just turned 8 when World War II ended in 1945. He remembers spending his childhood being surrounded by people with great resilience, and as an artist he began reproducing models of his old neighborhood using dolls. He is especially ...

'Kunio Okawara:  Mechanic Design'

Mar 21, 2013

'Kunio Okawara: Mechanic Design'

by Tomohiro Osaki

Kunio Okawara’s robot designs have appeared in many widely loved Japanese anime series, including “Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman,” (“Science Ninja Team Gatchaman”) and “Kido Senshi Gandamu” (“First Gundam”). He is often praised for designing complicated and versatile robots that are also detailed enough to appear ...

'Ancient Glass: Feast of Color'

Mar 7, 2013

"Ancient Glass: Feast of Color"

by Tomohiro Osaki

In ancient times, when precious stones such as lapis lazuli and carnelian were admired and desired, craftsmen found ways to imitate such beauty by experimenting with decorative glassware techniques. This gave birth to glassworking traditions that include using colored glass in mosaics and sandwiching ...

'Print Art Triennale in Kyoto'

Feb 21, 2013

'Print Art Triennale in Kyoto'

by Tomohiro Osaki

With the growing popularity of high-tech art, such as digital media and installations, engraving woodblock prints might seem primitive and old-fashioned. Many Japanese, in fact, associate woodblock printing with older-generation artisans, who they imagine slave fastidiously over works in the silence of a gloomy ...