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'Cosmos: The world of Kitaoji Rosanjin'

Apr 30, 2014

"Cosmos: The world of Kitaoji Rosanjin"

by Daisuke Kikuchi

Rosanjin Kitaoji (1883-1959) pursued a wide range of art, including writing, seal carving, pottery and lacquerware. But even outside of art, he was also known for being a gourmet, and even opened a first-class Japanese restaurant in 1923 called Hoshigaoka Saryou. Believing that “plates ...

'The People by Kishin'

Apr 2, 2014

'The People by Kishin'

by Tomohiro Osaki

Photographer Kishin Shinoyama’s perceptive insight and virtual disregard of social norms have made him both an admirable pursuer of avant-gardism and a target of conservative criticism. This traveling exhibition, which debuted in Tokyo, is the first major retrospective of Kishin’s photography in Japan. Up ...

'Seiji Fujishiro 90th Birthday Anniversary'

Mar 26, 2014

'Seiji Fujishiro 90th Birthday Anniversary'

by Sang Woo Kim

To many, the term “shadow play” or “shadow puppetry” will conjure up images of black silhouettes telling a story against a bright white background. Seiji Fujishiro’s shadow-play visions, however, are filled with vivid colors, abstract shapes and detailed scenery. Using vibrant hues in subtle ...