Mice, smog and MPs: U.K. parliament faces urgent repairs

Mar 9, 2015

Mice, smog and MPs: U.K. parliament faces urgent repairs

Behind the neo-Gothic splendor of Big Ben, Britain’s Houses of Parliament is crumbling and overrun with mice, prompting its top official to warn the building may have to be “abandoned” without urgent renovations. Leaking roofs mean members of parliament have to use waste paper ...

Mar 8, 2015

'Extinct' Myanmar bird rediscovered after 73 years

A bird that was long thought to have gone extinct has been rediscovered in Myanmar after a team of scientists used a recording of the species’ distinctive call to track it down. The Jerdon’s babbler (Chrysomma altirostre altirostre) — a small brown bird similar ...

Mar 7, 2015

New York airport alarm reveals stowaway dog in luggage

U.S. security agents searching a checked suitcase after an alarm went off at New York’s LaGuardia Airport expected to discover weapons but instead found a stowaway Chihuahua, authorities said on Friday. Staring back at the agents was a 7-year-old beige-and-brown dog that had sneaked ...

Mar 4, 2015

Failed suicide bridge jumper says sea lion saved him

A man who tried to kill himself by jumping off San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge but was kept afloat by a sea lion said Wednesday suicide prevention is now his life’s work. Kevin Hines, in Australia to speak at several conferences, was a teenager ...

China's wild panda population rises nearly 17%

Mar 1, 2015

China's wild panda population rises nearly 17%

The number of wild giant pandas in China jumped nearly 17 percent over a decade, state media cited an official survey as showing, with a government agency crediting conservation measures for the increase. The investigation by the State Forestry Administration found that by the ...

Feb 28, 2015

Wild giant pandas on rebound, Chinese survey says

Wild giant pandas in China are doing well. According to a census by China’s State Forestry Administration, the panda population has grown by 268 to a total of 1,864 since the last survey ending in 2003. Nearly three quarters of the pandas live in ...

Young elephants donated by Laos go on display in Kyoto

Feb 28, 2015

Young elephants donated by Laos go on display in Kyoto

Four young elephants donated last year by Laos went on public display at Kyoto City zoo on Saturday ahead of Laotian Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong’s visit to Japan from Wednesday. The three female and one male Asian elephants, ages 3 to 7, were delivered ...

Feb 27, 2015

Llamas go on the lam in U.S.; Twitter explodes

A pair of sprightly llamas jigged their way to immediate social media stardom Thursday after they led dozens of U.S. police a merry dance on the bemused streets of Phoenix, Arizona. The duo, one white and the other black, had the eyes of the ...