| Oct 25, 2011

Top Tokyo haunts: five scary spots

by Lilly Fields

1) Sunshine 60 Build a massive shopping and entertainment complex in Ikebukuro (at one time the tallest building in Asia) on the very site where seven Japanese war criminals were executed and you are bound to piss off some ghosts. In fact, its construction ...

Briton aims to restore poets' peak to former glory

Oct 22, 2011

Briton aims to restore poets' peak to former glory

by Jane Singer

Nineteen university students and civic-minded Kyoto residents squat on a mountain pass on a cloudless afternoon in early October as a tall British poet, Stephen Gill, 58, reads from a collection of haiku. In British-inflected but fluent Japanese, he recites poems about this mountain, ...

The joy of <em>taiko</em> and cultural exchange

Oct 15, 2011

The joy of taiko and cultural exchange

by Gianni Simone

The booming noise coming up from the basement of the British School in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, is a more visceral version of the magic flute: It’s just impossible to resist its charm. You follow the deep, thumping beat down a flight of stairs and ...

American out to save boat-building art

Sep 17, 2011

American out to save boat-building art

by Mick Corliss

Douglas Brooks is a man on a mission. A boat builder and craftsman originally from Connecticut, Brooks is committed to helping keep afloat the dying craft of traditional boat building in Japan. Hailing from the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, maritime connections have gradually taken over ...

Sep 13, 2011

Japan needs your mascot: Get drawing, win cash

In the Aug. 30 Light Gist column, headlined “Mascots on a mission to explain the mundane,” Colin P. A. Jones explored the marvellous menagerie of mascots deployed by Japanese authorities to educate adults and children alike about the law and the workings of government. ...