| Aug 25, 2012

A plan for a healthy TV diet

by Thomas Dillon

The world is going to pieces. I know because the television told me so. Global warming, economic meltdown, regional conflicts, partisan politics, Justin Bieber. Is there anything good happening? Anywhere? “The problem,” says my luncheon mate, “is not the world. It’s you.” Now how ...

| Jul 14, 2012

The fear of phobias

by Thomas Dillon

A peek at “The Phobia List,” a webpage cataloging the accrued fears of our mighty human race, finds a list of over 500 documented phobias. Some on the list are interesting all by themselves. Such as . . . Barophobia — Fear of gravity ...

| Jun 2, 2012

A different health standard

by Thomas Dillon

It was Friday the 13th. And two health officials showed up at our door. Not doctors. Desk workers. With the unblinking gaze of brains on hold. “You’re a 57-year-old male,” said one. “You’re latest health check shows you have bum kidneys. You’d better watch ...

| May 5, 2012

The word of words

by Thomas Dillon

Sometimes students will ask me, “What’s your favorite Japanese word?” And thus you, in turn, might ask, “Favorite Japanese word? Geesh. Why would they ever ask that?” And so now I must ask you back, “Why would you ever ask what they ask? Geesh. ...