| Jan 19, 2013

Signs of Kansai

by Thomas Dillon

At the end of lunch with an old friend, I point out yet another hole in my Swiss cheese knowledge of Japan. “I’ve never really understood this whole ‘Kansai/Kanto’ thing. I mean, sure, I’ve traveled to Kyoto, Osaka and so on. But I’ve never ...

| Dec 15, 2012

A peek inside the cave

by Thomas Dillon

The term “man cave” has been added to the dictionary. At last. I’m referring to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, but surely those other country clubs of words and wisdom will follow suit. For once you’ve been welcomed by the language Vanderbilts, everyone else soon yearns ...

| Oct 20, 2012

Then and now

by Thomas Dillon

I remember well my first Halloween in Japan, mostly because I was invited to speak about it at a junior high. Trick or treating? Kids in sheets with peep holes? Jack O’ Lanterns? I might have been lecturing about life on Mars. And now? ...

| Aug 25, 2012

A plan for a healthy TV diet

by Thomas Dillon

The world is going to pieces. I know because the television told me so. Global warming, economic meltdown, regional conflicts, partisan politics, Justin Bieber. Is there anything good happening? Anywhere? “The problem,” says my luncheon mate, “is not the world. It’s you.” Now how ...