| Feb 23, 2013

Driving me crazy

by Thomas Dillon

Next to my house lies a carpet of land not flat enough to resist puddles and not sandy enough to attract cats. It just sits there. Empty. “Symbolic,” says a friend, “of the hole in your life.” He means the car I do not ...

| Jan 19, 2013

Signs of Kansai

by Thomas Dillon

At the end of lunch with an old friend, I point out yet another hole in my Swiss cheese knowledge of Japan. “I’ve never really understood this whole ‘Kansai/Kanto’ thing. I mean, sure, I’ve traveled to Kyoto, Osaka and so on. But I’ve never ...

| Dec 15, 2012

A peek inside the cave

by Thomas Dillon

The term “man cave” has been added to the dictionary. At last. I’m referring to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, but surely those other country clubs of words and wisdom will follow suit. For once you’ve been welcomed by the language Vanderbilts, everyone else soon yearns ...

| Oct 20, 2012

Then and now

by Thomas Dillon

I remember well my first Halloween in Japan, mostly because I was invited to speak about it at a junior high. Trick or treating? Kids in sheets with peep holes? Jack O’ Lanterns? I might have been lecturing about life on Mars. And now? ...