| Sep 27, 2013

When worlds collide

by Thomas Dillon

My Japanese language skills mostly stink. And always have. Yet it’s an odor to which I’ve grown accustomed. My excuse is that I came here to work, had little time for study and when I found I could get by, that’s just what I ...

| Sep 13, 2013

My day at the races

by Thomas Dillon

The surface of the coffee in my Starbucks cup begins its gentle dance, the signal to lift my head. No, this is not “Jurassic Park” and the vibration is not due to an approaching T-Rex. It’s Takadanobaba and the train station quivers with the ...

| Aug 16, 2013

Some words of self-introduction

by Thomas Dillon

Ask what’s good about life in Japan and answers always vary. One foreign resident’s passion is often another’s poison and you can count on similar divergence with what makes Japan difficult. Language, commuter trains, high costs, big bugs — everyone has their own particular ...