| Apr 5, 2014

True colors

Middle-aged woman #1: I thought Winnie-the-Pooh was yellow? Middle-aged woman #2: Unfortunately, I suspect that poo-yellow isn’t a real color. — Ginza, Chuo-ku. Overheard by The Japan Times On Sunday

| Mar 1, 2014

Cheap digs

Australian student #1: This ski holiday would have been a lot cheaper if I had brought my girlfriend. Australian student #2: How much did you pay for it? Australian student #1: Can’t remember. — Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture. Overheard by The Japan Times On Sunday, ...

| Feb 22, 2014

Each to their own

Japanese man: Do you see your child much during the week? American man: No, but it’s OK cos he and his mom kinda have their own system goin’ on. — Outside Hotel New Otani Tokyo, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Overheard by a reader of The ...

| Feb 8, 2014

Age-old dilemma

American woman: I’m so old. I feel like staying in Japan is making me miss out on other things in my life. French man: How old are you? American woman: Twenty-eight. — Yamanote Line near Gotanda Station, Tokyo. Overheard by The Japan Times On ...

| Feb 1, 2014

Curiosity killed the cat

Elderly woman: The neighborhood cat’s not here tonight. It’s always sitting on the corner at this time. Elderly man: Perhaps it’s too cold? Elderly woman: Cats have fur, you know. Elderly man: Perhaps it’s dead? Elderly woman: Don’t say that. I think it’s probably ...

| Jan 25, 2014

Everybody has good neighbors

Thirtysomething woman: That’s a large group of elderly folk walking in a line and hogging the footpath. 40-year-old man: That’s the neighborhood watch. — Kannai Station, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. Overheard by The Japan Times On Sunday