| Mar 15, 2011

All is not lost when 'carded'

by Ashley Thompson

Reader SW writes: “I lost my alien registration card last week. According to the law, I must have the card on my person just to put one foot outside the door. Dilemma: How could I go and look for my card — without the ...

| Feb 8, 2011

Mental health advice, cash card blues

by Angela Jeffs and Ken Joseph Jr.

Empty nest syndrome K’ko is suffering from what she calls “empty nest blues” — that is, being without husband or children. “Do you know of a psychologist (American/Japanese, familiar with both cultures) and marriage counselor who works in the Shibuya/Hiroo/Roppongi area and not too ...

| Oct 5, 2010

Kids' camps; more on Baha'i

by Angela Jeffs and Ken Joseph Jr.

Baha’i outreach MN thanks us for writing about her community (Lifelines, Sept. 21). “Just in case Janice or other readers are interested, there is a small but active Baha’i community in the Kansai area. Janice can find out more by e-mailing marynoguchi@gaia.eonet.ne.jp or Brett ...