Farewell haiku for Hatoyama

Dear Yukio Hatoyama,

Leaving your office, your staff gave you a taxpayer-funded bouquet of flowers. Your pregnant term did not even last nine months.

I’d like to give you something more personal from my heart, to show my love for my country of choice, Japan. I admit it’s somewhat frank and candid, but please see my gift as a token of my responsibility as a permanent resident.

After having written six unanswered open letters to you since December last year, this small bouquet contains minimal reflections, and some of my concerns.

Caged pigeon coos yes
Noisy muscled hawks nest close
Listen silence left

Pigeon chills slowly
Peace twigs whirl from heaven down
Predators land first

Nagata theatre
Spotlighted somnambulists
Pale audience sighs

Morality down
Your money’s toilet paper
Pecunia non olet

Money parachute
Handling money is an art
Marrow gets frozen

Sucking state’s nipples
New winds do not change old ones
Money is sweet milk

First happy wife shops
Man soaks silk neckties with tears
Servant still flies high

Playing blind with fire
Overpaid compassion deaf
Are you Japanese?

A’s croak still loudest
Frogs in my pond cannot fly
Tears keep water high

Unfit bragging eels
Sated with slime nil phrases
Fat winding twisting

You can hear my voice
Nagatacho is sealed up
Phoenix dies in ash

Servants gulp my tax
Perverted indifference
This cancer eats all

First man looks inside
Outside all birds sing their songs
Fate man: made sadness

Decent Prime eats time
Makes believe good intentions
Alas time eats man

Males luxuriate
Guzzling Japan all seasons
We love you white lie

We trust our payments
Perverted morality
Forgot verify

Perfect v. hollow
Cheerful koi swim in soft winds
Politicians smell

Yellow ever bright
Their lacking colorless guts
Our true mimosa

Vultures circle HIM
Phony hypocrites attack
Lax and cheap pays off

Grey’s record red debts
Camellia leaves are shining
Why I have to pay

Small perfect beauty
Sweet skillful happy swallow
Leaders make a mess

Delightful springtime
Swallows nest under our roof
Tax sucks us empty

Limp politicians
New season unfolds flowers
Yellow irises

Dead hollow phrases
Collide with sincerity
I hate parasites

Half of bureaucrats
Underneath rhododendrons
All generals too

Simplicity’s death
Lax bureaucrat’s jobbery
Worsening pays off

Cancerous leaders
Guiding us to an abyss
Fig leaves’ smell is gone

Blueberries ripen
Decent intentions worsen
Somnambulist’s life

Frogs jump all around
Try catching a friendly one
In government trap

Ignorant first man
Flies governmental airplane
Ehhhhh I did not know

Incompetent jumps
Jack in the box’ empty hand
Pay me and follow

Lax first jay walker’s
Inalienable right keeps
Japanese deep down

Too many villains
Shamateurist lawmakers

Moneygrubbers come
Razzle-dazzle razzmatazz
For money stupid

Arrogant scions
Leaders fail our litmus test
Trust but verify

Wishy-washy men
Do not feel their empty words
It is our own fault

Our loopy leader
Feels the weight of his own words
I am getting mad

Crying or laughing
Where is your damn dignity?
Nonentities rule

My goodbye kiss to
Mandarins, politicians
Kiss of death of course

The only harvest
Bills of reckless amateurs
Why I have to pay

For incompetence
An average company
Sacks you in disgrace

Why all that jazz . . . zzz
Lax irresponsible you
Insensitive you

Making rock stone walls
Resembles haiku puzzling
Solid no concrete

Doc H fairy-tales
No operations

A pampered surgeon
Gives a strong anesthetic
Fails to operate

H loves nature much
So he plants young trees upturned
Roots in burning sun

Most Okinawans
Government still detains as

H drills into nerves
Of healthy teeth and grinders
Shunning rotten ones

Resigned Japanese
Hire costly incapables
Topsy-turvy life

Make people suffer
What is the correct title?
Criminal I think

H’s Odyssey
Is no Odyssey
Flying at our cost

Shampooed neat soft hair
Never a cogent approach
Ominous selfish

Government ambush
Plays catch as catch can with us
Jungle all around


Sagawa, Kochi Pref.

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