Is it worth it to live inside the Yamanote loop?

Vanessa Gillett
Teacher, 30-ish

I live here, but I wouldn’t buy a place here. It’s too expensive, and I would worry about earthquakes. I like the aesthetics of tatami and minimal furniture, but not in the city.

Weng Cheah
Banker, 41

I would absolutely buy property in Tokyo. Aside from all the economics, it’s a lovely place to live. I think it’s a great investment.

Janet Underwood
Trainer, 53

Probably not, because I’m not here that often. I don’t think I’d consider Tokyo first because of the expense. I’d probably look at investing in other countries first.

Pedro Pastano
Consultant, 55

It’s overpriced. Two houses on a lot in front of mine were sold for $800,000. For that money I can buy a mansion and loads of property in America.

Robert Swanson
Auditor, 29

Banks don’t give foreigners loans, so I’d have to go through a foreign loan service. The markets are going down now, so I would say on the outskirts of Tokyo is better.

Yoichi Akabane
Businessman, 47

Tokyo is convenient, but I take the train for 1 1/2 hours from house to office because I want a border between my business and personal time.