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Feb 6, 2016

Money troubles facing education must be solved

The Yen for Living column titled “Mounting student debt may cost society dearly” in the Jan. 24 issue made me think long and hard. Let me share some of my thoughts from my perspectives as a parent and an educator. The idea of sending ...

Feb 6, 2016

Thai lese majeste law used properly

With reference to the column titled “Thai military risks weakening the monarchy” by Pavin Chachavalpongpun published in the Jan. 22 issue, I wish to clarify some points as follows. First, the monarchy has been and always remains above politics. Attempts to politicize the monarchy ...

Jan 30, 2016

Opposition shows again its weakness

Regarding the story “Opposition makes plans to grill economy chief Amari” in the Jan. 25 edition, the Democratic Party of Japan’s response to Akira Amari’s offer to explain his conduct with regard to recent allegations made against him just goes to show how lackluster ...

Jan 30, 2016

Ocean protection a long-term need

The story “Oceans trapping heat at alarming rate” in the Jan. 20 edition says man-made heat absorbed by oceans has doubled since 1997. It is important to recognize that warming the oceans is by itself a significant threat. It deprives nations of their fisheries ...

Jan 30, 2016

Education a must in Arab world

With regard to Gwynne Dyer’s column in the Jan. 20 edition titled “Five years after the Arab Spring,” common sense tells us that education is the key to positive progress. Being a good educator, and indeed a good journalist, is not about presenting raw ...

Jan 30, 2016

Purging the nation of racism

Chulbom Lee, in his Letter to the Editor in the Jan. 17 issue titled “Move forward by protecting foreign residents,” reminds readers that not even two years ago the U.N. Committee of Racial Discrimination called on Japan to take action against incidents of racism ...