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| Jun 29, 2015

Let's discuss NHK in the news

This week’s featured article TOMOKO OTAKE, THE JAPAN TIMES All households in Japan that possess a TV set are legally obliged to pay subscription fees to NHK regardless of whether they watch the public broadcaster’s programs. An engineering professor at Tsukuba University is now ...

Meet Shabani, the new alpha male role model

Jun 29, 2015

Meet Shabani, the new alpha male role model

Photos and videos of Shabani, a male Western Lowland Gorilla currently living at the Higashiyama Zoo in Nagoya, are going viral. A look at what people are saying suggests that his charm goes deeper than just his good looks. Here are some highlights of ...

Jun 27, 2015

Increase fertility via better aid for young moms

Regarding the article entitled “The true cost of fertility treatment in Japan” in the June 21 edition, the difficulty and time-consuming nature of these treatments, their costs, and the anguish that is often experienced by the couples who resort to them will ensure that ...

Jun 27, 2015

LDP revisionism borders on fantasy

Regarding the June 20 article “LDP to review Occupation, tribunal,” the Liberal Democratic Party intends to set up a group to examine the postwar Occupation and the International Military Tribunal, or Tokyo War Crimes Trial, because, according to one official, they need to “scrutinize” ...

Jun 20, 2015

Egyptian court sentences have followed rules

Regarding the article titled “Mass death sentences now a part of life in Egypt” in the June 5 edition, let me first clarify that the defendants who were previously or recently condemned by the Egyptian High Court are being tried before a normal court, ...

Jun 20, 2015

G-7 needs to grow with the times

The editorial “Keeping the G-7 relevant” on June 12 points out the salient points of the G-7 summits. The aim and purpose of the summit of the G-5, when first initiated by French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing in 1975, was for the leaders of ...

Jun 13, 2015

'Comfort woman' resolution must have legal basis

While international pressure is mounting on the Abe administration to resolve the “comfort women” atrocity, researchers and scholars have been offering suggestions to bring it to a closure. Some of them appear to be attempts to reduce the scope of the issue. Ralph Cossa’s ...

Jun 13, 2015

Value of Juvenile Law questioned

Regarding the article “Teens admit forcing boy to take fatal swim” in the June 9 edition, is the Juvenile Law really necessary? This argument always comes up when minors commit violent crimes. A bill to lower the age of majority from 20 to 18 ...