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May 4, 2015

Ashes of ballerina Plisetskaya to be spread over Russia

The ashes of Maya Plisetskaya, the renowned Bolshoi Theater ballerina who died this weekend, will be scattered over Russia in accordance with her wishes. Bolshoi director Vladimir Urin said Plisetskaya left instructions for her to be cremated and, after the death of her husband, ...

May 2, 2015

The world needs Rall's indignation

Thank you, Japan Times, for publishing Ted Rall (“Proof the U.S. is rotten to the core,” April 28) and thank you, Ted Rall, for your continued righteous indignation about the injustices of this world. The Japan Times seems to be one of the very ...

Apr 29, 2015

Watchdog group issues dismal report on global press freedom

Journalists in many parts of the world face deteriorating reporting conditions, with a democracy watchdog group noting a sharp decline in global press freedom in 2014. In its annual report released Wednesday, the group Freedom House says global press freedom declined last year to ...

Social media wrap-up: The day Taco Bell returned to Japan

Apr 22, 2015

Social media wrap-up: The day Taco Bell returned to Japan

After Taco Bell's brief presence in Japan in the 1980s, the U.S.-based chain exited the market (with the exception of outlets on U.S. military bases). To the delight of fans of fast-food Tex Mex, it was announced in February 2015 that Taco Bell would ...

Apr 18, 2015

Land returns barely reduce base burden

Regarding the April 9 article “U.S. defense chief says new guidelines will ‘transform’ U.S.-Japan alliance”: The stronger Tokyo and Washington say the Japan-U.S. alliance must be, the more viciously Okinawa will have to take the brunt of it all. The central government has repeatedly ...

Sakura 2015: one nation under a pink canopy

Apr 16, 2015

Sakura 2015: one nation under a pink canopy

Spring in Japan brings a wave of blossoming cherry trees that is celebrated through the nation for a short few weeks. Despite a spell of strong winds and heavy rain this year, most trees hung on to their petals for a memorable sakura season. ...

Apr 11, 2015

Understanding of Vietnam War in U.S. is better

Regarding the April 5 Counterpoint column titled “America’s memory wars and the Vietnam debacle,” in two respects professor Jeff Kingston offers readers an incomplete and dated impression of the current state of American understanding of the Vietnam War. First, a growing body of formidable ...

Apr 11, 2015

Okinawa deserves better from Tokyo

Regarding the April 5 TimeOut story headlined “Okinawa: In the cross hairs of war,” it is a pity that the pigheaded Yamato revisionists from Tokyo will not allow the Okinawan people to remember Japan’s wartime atrocities as they themselves witnessed them. Okinawa should not ...

Apr 11, 2015

Some ideas for better English

The editorial titled “Disappointing levels of English” in the March 29 edition made me sad to know that many high school students have difficulty in learning English, particularly with speaking and writing. And also, this is another shocking reality, that about 60 percent do ...

Apr 11, 2015

Japan must seek reconciliation

As a Japanese who was educated after the war, I quite agree with the “Japan abusing UNESCO” editorial by The Korea Times in the April 7 Global Perspectives column. I hope that the Japanese politicians understand why Koreans and Chinese are angry about Japan. ...