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'Ueda Souko: Busho Chajin no Sekai Ten'

/ Dec 23, 2011

"Ueda Souko: Busho Chajin no Sekai Ten"

During the feudal times of the Momoyama Period (1573-1615), samurai culture had come under the influence of the then growing Zen Buddhism. Buddhist art in the form of rock gardens, the tea ceremony and ikebana thus became an important part of samurai life. This ...

Karuizawa resort makes winter special

/ Dec 2, 2011

Karuizawa resort makes winter special

Winters in Japan can get cold. The inland regions, in particular, are doused with a heavy blanket of snow every year. It can cause problems, but in the runup to the holidays it gives people exactly what they want: a white Christmas. From Dec. ...

Dec 1, 2011

'Koko Ouou'

Satoshi Koyama GalleryCloses Dec. 24 Since prehistoric times, human beings have always searched for better ways to communicate. Art was originally a way to share ideas with others and record information for the future. But how images or symbols are actually interpreted has always ...

'Shigemori Mirei: Hokutoshichisei no Niwa Ten'

/ Nov 25, 2011

"Shigemori Mirei: Hokutoshichisei no Niwa Ten"

From Dec. 4, the Watari Museum of Contemporary Art explores the essence of Japanese aesthetics through a retrospective exhibition of Mirei Shigemori (1896-1975), a Japanese garden designer and historian. Shigemori designed more than 200 gardens, basing his work on extensive research. He is well ...