Feb 15, 2014

Sure winners in 2020 Tokyo Olympics? Gangsters

As Japan bets on a big economic boost from the 2020 Olympics, it might be dismayed by what’s happening right now in Russia. Moody’s doubts the Sochi Games will be much of a plus for that economy. Yet there is one sector of Japan’s ...

Feb 6, 2014

Asia's dangerous nostalgia

What gives with the nostaglia in some Asian countries for strongmen of the past? The yearning for yesteryear speaks to our disorienting times and a dearth of visionary leadership when it's most needed.

Jan 30, 2014

Troubled Thailand is only the tip of Asia's iceberg

Thailand may offer the clearest example of how the U.S. Federal Reserve's ultralow interest rates have helped cover up deep-seated structural problems in emerging markets.Officials throughout Asia will regret ignoring the near suicidal course they're on.

Jan 23, 2014

Nuclear energy fight highlights aging economy

The "nuclear village" is at the root of the cronyism, corruption and inertia that continue to prolong Japan's malaise and dent its competitiveness. Tokyo gubernatorial candidate Morihiro Hosokawa threatens that village.

Jan 18, 2014

Kim Jong Un's $5 trillion price worth unification's benefits

As Park Geun-hye searches for ways to compete with China and Japan, the South Korean president is eyeing a rather surprising ally: Kim Jong Un. “Unification will allow the Korean economy to take a fresh leap forward and inject great vitality and energy,” Park ...

Jan 17, 2014

'Allah,' the word that's pulling Malaysia apart

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak's silence in the police investigtion of a Catholic priest for using the word "Allah" when referring to God highlights misplaced priorities that are holding Malaysia back even as Indonesia and other neighbors zoom forward.