Mar 2, 2009

British unions, lawmakers slam Hitachi train deal

LONDON (Kyodo) Unions and parliamentarians are protesting a decision by the British government to award a huge and lucrative train contract to a consortium led by a Japanese company. They are angry that 30 percent of the contract to build a new fleet of ...

Dec 23, 2008

U.K. farm grows 'edamame' for supermarkets

As British consumers seek a healthier diet, a London farm is the first to grow “edamame” on a commercial scale and has contracted with a major supermarket chain. Watts Farm, located on the outskirts of the capital, is currently cultivating edamame, or baby green ...

London photo exhibit focuses on lives, looks of half-Japanese

Nov 12, 2008

London photo exhibit focuses on lives, looks of half-Japanese

LONDON — People of part-Japanese ancestry living in Britain have been relating their heritage through a photo exhibition and seminar. Nine half-Japanese agreed to have their portraits snapped and their personal stories told at the Bodhi Gallery in east London from Oct. 23 to ...

'Institutional racism' lets Japan spouses abduct kids

Oct 15, 2008

'Institutional racism' lets Japan spouses abduct kids

LONDON — Japanese courts should give more support to foreigners seeking access to their children now living in Japan, according to a British father seeking the return of his two daughters to England. Shane Clarke said Japanese courts need to do more for the ...

Sep 3, 2008

'Sakura' tartan aimed at Japanese buyers

LONDON (Kyodo) A Scottish entrepreneur has specially designed a tartan aimed at Japanese consumers and is hoping to use it to market a wide variety of products. David McGill from Edinburgh has just finished work on the “sakura” (cherry blossom) design, incorporating the colors ...

Aug 21, 2008

U.K. hopes SDF efforts continue

Britain hopes Japan will continue to provide support for antiterrorism operations in the Indian Ocean, a senior British official told a recent defense conference in London, amid fears that the Maritime Self-Defense Force flotilla could be withdrawn. Britain also values Japan’s growing role in ...

Japanese bugs vs. weeds in U.K.

Jul 19, 2008

Japanese bugs vs. weeds in U.K.

Britain is expected to release hundreds of bugs imported from Japan in an attempt to reduce the impact of a fast-growing weed that has blighted large parts of the country. Scientists are hoping to get government approval to introduce the insects into areas affected ...

Jul 11, 2008

Brit expert lauds Japan's schools, points to some challenges ahead

Despite fears about declining academic standards, Japan’s elementary school system is functioning well and can act as a model for other nations, a leading British expert says. Peter Cave of Manchester University believes the Japanese way brings out the best in 6- to 12-year-olds, ...

Jun 7, 2008

Iceland whaler defends fin meat export to Japan

A whaler behind the controversial export of fin whale meat from Iceland to Japan defended the trade Thursday and expressed hope that it will be the start of business between the two nations. Kristjan Loftsson, chief executive officer of Icelandic whaling company Hvalur, confirmed ...