Jun 6, 2009

Tributes for suicide couple flood Web site

LONDON — Tributes have been flooding in for a Japanese woman and her British husband who committed suicide following the death of their profoundly disabled son. Friends and strangers have been inundating a Web site set up by Kazumi Puttick and her husband, Neil, ...

Key London eateries keep bluefin but push other tuna

Jun 3, 2009

Key London eateries keep bluefin but push other tuna

LONDON — After years of criticism from environmentalists, two top Japanese restaurants in London are now advising diners to avoid selecting the endangered bluefin tuna — but they are keeping the fish on their menus. Environmentalists have slammed the compromise, saying the two restaurants ...

Kin of Aso mine workers demand apology

May 31, 2009

Kin of Aso mine workers demand apology

LONDON — Campaigners are calling on Prime Minister Taro Aso to apologize to and compensate the families of British men who were forced to work at a mine owned by Aso’s father during World War II. They are also urging the prime minister to ...

May 7, 2009

Japanese tourists to Britain on fast decline

LONDON — Japan has taken the title of “fastest declining market” for the British tourist industry, according to an analysis of data over the last eight years. Japan beat the likes of Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia to have the fastest declining market by ...

Geisha 'trans'-formation more than meets the eye

Apr 25, 2009

Geisha 'trans'-formation more than meets the eye

LONDON (Kyodo) Every day female tourists flock to the ancient city of Kyoto to dress up as geisha and fulfill a lifelong fantasy. But one studio was a little surprised to find that one of its customers was British transsexual Mary Murdock, who wanted ...

Chocolates with Japan taste a big hit in U.K.

Mar 16, 2009

Chocolates with Japan taste a big hit in U.K.

LONDON (Kyodo) An Osaka woman and her British husband are combining traditional Japanese ingredients with chocolate to create some unique offerings to tempt sweet-toothed Britons. For the last five years, chefs Suzue and William Curley have been trying out different foods from Japan and ...

Mar 10, 2009

'Scanlators' freely translating 'manga,' 'anime'

LONDON (Kyodo) “Manga” (comics) and “anime” (animation) are being brought to a wider audience by fans who are distributing their own translations and performances on the Internet, according to new research by a British academic. Lee Hye-Kyung of the University of London says the ...

Mar 2, 2009

British unions, lawmakers slam Hitachi train deal

LONDON (Kyodo) Unions and parliamentarians are protesting a decision by the British government to award a huge and lucrative train contract to a consortium led by a Japanese company. They are angry that 30 percent of the contract to build a new fleet of ...

Dec 23, 2008

U.K. farm grows 'edamame' for supermarkets

As British consumers seek a healthier diet, a London farm is the first to grow “edamame” on a commercial scale and has contracted with a major supermarket chain. Watts Farm, located on the outskirts of the capital, is currently cultivating edamame, or baby green ...