U.K. warms to idea of Japanese-style office naps

Jun 18, 2015

U.K. warms to idea of Japanese-style office naps

Taking a quick nap at your desk or even in a meeting is not an uncommon sight in Japanese offices, but it’s something you’re unlikely to find in Britain, where workers are expected to remain alert at all times. In Japan, the practice is ...

West's first Buddhist mission was in London

Mar 18, 2015

West's first Buddhist mission was in London

Buddhists in Japan — aided by an Irishman — established the religion’s first Western mission in London, according to research by a team of academics in Ireland and Japan. The recent discovery overturns the long-held assumption that the first Buddhist mission in the West ...

Oct 17, 2014

Art show on Fukushima food safety causes stir

A controversial performance artist whose work explores the safety of food from Fukushima Prefecture is attracting media interest at one of London’s most prestigious contemporary art shows. New York-based Ei Arakawa is offering free soup to visitors at the Frieze Art Fair made from ...

| Aug 29, 2014

Life in U.K. comes as a shock for many Japanese

Many Japanese have a somewhat romanticized image of living in Britain. While for some those expectations may be fulfilled, the reality for others is that they struggle to adapt to a very different culture. Yuko Nippoda, a London-based counselor and psychotherapist, has been treating ...

Jul 24, 2014

Britain felt Japan's WWI support 'adequate'

Britain appreciated Japan’s assistance during World War I but felt Tokyo could have done more and sometimes questioned its loyalty, according to today’s historians. With the world marking 100 years since the start of World War I, Ian Nish, a professor emeritus of international ...