U.K., Japan share notes on ways to curb bullying

Dec 4, 2007

U.K., Japan share notes on ways to curb bullying

Bullying differs in British and Japanese schools, but both countries can learn from each other in countering the problem, according to academics and other experts. A team of scholars sponsored by the education ministry in Tokyo was in Britain recently looking at how the ...

Nov 24, 2007

Europe aquariums boycott Japan goods in whaling protest

A chain of aquariums in Europe has removed Japanese goods from its stores to protest Japan’s latest whaling expedition. The group Sea Life is also calling on Europeans to boycott all Japanese products in the runup to Christmas in an attempt to change Tokyo’s ...

Nov 16, 2007

Japan tourism effort zeroes in on British families

Japan is promoting itself at this year’s World Travel Market in London as the ideal destination for a family holiday. After last year’s promotion, which focused on young adults, Japan is now using the growing popularity of Japanese pop culture in Britain and Europe ...

Japan urged to lobby to save Mediterranean bluefin stocks

Nov 7, 2007

Japan urged to lobby to save Mediterranean bluefin stocks

European environmentalists are calling on Japan, the biggest consumer of Mediterranean bluefin tuna, to support a drastic reduction in annual catches to preserve the long-term future of the fish. Turkey will host an international meeting from Friday to Nov. 18 in which conservationists are ...

U.K. affinity for Japan pop fuels language interest anew

Oct 27, 2007

U.K. affinity for Japan pop fuels language interest anew

The popularity of contemporary Japanese culture in Britain is helping to fuel a growing number of applications to study Japanese at universities, academics said. Whereas in the 1980s the prime motivating factor for learning Japanese was business, today’s reasons are more diverse, they said. ...

Oct 16, 2007

BNG set to start shipping radioactive waste again

A series of shipments containing highly radioactive waste will leave Britain for Japan next year, with possibly more consignments afterward if Japanese electricity companies agree to a deal offered by the British government, according to a source in the Japanese power industry. Approximately 127,500 ...

Sep 28, 2007

Japan studies in U.K. to get funding boost

In response to concerns about a lack of funding for Japanese studies at British universities, a major cash injection will be announced next month in the form of new teaching posts. In October, the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and the Nippon Foundation will announce ...

Aug 31, 2007

Sushi chefs in Europe slam fish-freezing regulation

Japanese chefs in Europe who serve up sushi and sashimi are criticizing a law requiring them to deep-freeze their produce prior to preparation, arguing the quality of the end product is suffering. They say the regulations, designed to ensure diners are not exposed to ...

Aug 18, 2007

Organic Japanese food hot items in U.K., Europe

Demand for organic Japanese food has grown “phenomenally” over the last few years as more Europeans opt for healthier diets, according to a major importer who was recently commended by the Japanese government for his efforts. Christopher Dawson, chairman of Clearspring Ltd., says his ...