Aug 11, 2007

British academic to write account of 1985 JAL crash

A British academic is to write the first comprehensive account in English of Japan’s worst aviation accident, hoping to put a fresh perspective on a tragedy that has interested people for the last 22 years. Christopher Hood is looking into all aspects of the ...

Anglicans ordain first Japan woman

Aug 7, 2007

Anglicans ordain first Japan woman

LONDON (Kyodo) Ikuko Williams has made history by becoming the first Japanese woman ordained as a minister in the Church of England. The Rev. Williams, 48, was recently made a deacon at an ordination service at Ripon Cathedral in Yorkshire, northern England. She is ...

Lensless Lennon shades go on auction

Jul 28, 2007

Lensless Lennon shades go on auction

An online auction of John Lennon’s sunglasses frames, which he gave to his Japanese translator at the end of the Beatles’ controversial concerts in Tokyo, is attracting great interest, and organizers hope they fetch as much as $2 million. Lennon and his Japanese translator ...

Jun 12, 2007

U.K. celeb chef gets on bluefin's side

Japanese consumers are being urged to stop eating endangered bluefin tuna after a celebrity chef with restaurants in Japan decided to take it off all his menus. Gordon Ramsay, who has two restaurants at the Conrad Tokyo hotel, has removed the endangered fish from ...

Jun 8, 2007

Forum sinks Japan whale trade plan

Japan’s attempts to “reopen the commercial trade in whale products” have been frustrated at an international conference, conservationists claimed Wednesday. Japan had proposed setting up a review to consider whether all of the great whale species should remain on an endangered list that prevents ...

May 29, 2007

U.K. tycoon lawmaker targets Japan's 'bribed' whaling allies

A wealthy British parliamentarian and entrepreneur is funding an “unprecedented” TV campaign to try to dissuade six small Caribbean nations from voting with Japan at the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission that starts Monday. Michael Ashcroft has devised a $500,000 ad campaign ...

British farmers' 'wagyu' beef strains prove a hit

May 9, 2007

British farmers' 'wagyu' beef strains prove a hit

Following the mad cow disease scare in Britain and a desire to eat better quality food, Japanese beef is increasing in popularity here, and some farmers are using Japanese techniques to improve the quality of their meat. Since 2000, farmer David Wynne Finch has ...

Mar 28, 2007

London mayor likens toll snub to war stance

The mayor of London has used Japan’s role in World War II to attack its embassy in London for refusing to pay a controversial road charge. Commenting recently about Japan’s decision not to contribute toward the central London congestion motoring charge, Ken Livingstone told ...

Scotch expert inspirited by wee dram

Mar 9, 2007

Scotch expert inspirited by wee dram

When delegates at a whisky fair in Paris prepared to meet the author of an exhaustive study of Scotland’s distilleries, they expected to be greeted by a mature Scotsman. Imagine their surprise, then, when they learned the writer was Misako Udo, who originally hails ...