Ex-soldier who reconciled with British sparks fond memories

May 6, 2008

Ex-soldier who reconciled with British sparks fond memories

Tributes have been paid to a former Japanese soldier who while living in Britain played a crucial role in fostering reconciliation between men who were previously wartime enemies. Masao Hirakubo, who died at age 88 in March, has been described as a “lynch pin” ...

Japanese funds go to restore U.K. potter's studio

Mar 28, 2008

Japanese funds go to restore U.K. potter's studio

The workshop of a celebrated British potter who drew much of his inspiration from Japan and led the craft pottery movement in Britain has been restored to its former glory and opened to the public after a massive fundraising effort. A variety of organizations ...

Mar 28, 2008

Blackman's parents split on Obara appeal trial

The appeal against the acquittal of Joji Obara on charges of murdering Lucie Blackman is dividing the parents of the slain Tokyo bar hostess. While her mother, Jane Steare, supports the Tokyo High Court appeal trial by prosecutors that started Tuesday, her ex-husband and ...

Mar 22, 2008

Japanese expats fret Britain's English requirement

The Japanese community in Britain is hoping the government will rethink plans for a new English language requirement for foreign nationals coming to work in the country. The Japanese Embassy in London has expressed “serious concern” at initial government plans to ensure that all ...

Feb 13, 2008

Conservationists pan Tokyo talks on saving bluefin

Environmentalists trying to preserve endangered stocks of bluefin tuna in Europe do not think an upcoming international conference in Tokyo will alleviate the crisis. They believe the meeting of industry figures in March will merely paper over the cracks because it will not address ...

Dec 29, 2007

'Anti-Japanese' documentary riled late Prime Minister Fukuda in '70s

The late Prime Minister Takeo Fukuda was infuriated by an “anti-Japanese” TV documentary that cast his nation’s companies in a bad light as they considered setting up bases in Britain, according to official documents from 1977 released Friday. The controversial program, “Eastern Promise,” which ...

U.K., Japan share notes on ways to curb bullying

Dec 4, 2007

U.K., Japan share notes on ways to curb bullying

Bullying differs in British and Japanese schools, but both countries can learn from each other in countering the problem, according to academics and other experts. A team of scholars sponsored by the education ministry in Tokyo was in Britain recently looking at how the ...

Nov 24, 2007

Europe aquariums boycott Japan goods in whaling protest

A chain of aquariums in Europe has removed Japanese goods from its stores to protest Japan’s latest whaling expedition. The group Sea Life is also calling on Europeans to boycott all Japanese products in the runup to Christmas in an attempt to change Tokyo’s ...

Nov 16, 2007

Japan tourism effort zeroes in on British families

Japan is promoting itself at this year’s World Travel Market in London as the ideal destination for a family holiday. After last year’s promotion, which focused on young adults, Japan is now using the growing popularity of Japanese pop culture in Britain and Europe ...