Robbs reflects on connection to Japan

| Oct 3, 2015

Robbs reflects on connection to Japan

A recent visitor to Tokyo was old Japan hand and long-time Honolulu sportscaster Don Robbs. The 78-year-old radio voice of the University of Hawaii baseball games and other sports in the islands has been a frequent traveler to this country since he first came ...

| Aug 8, 2015

Suggested upgrades for NPB stadiums

Japanese baseball considers itself to be a major league, and the quality and level of play is quite high. However, the ballpark facilities and availability of certain items could be improved to make fans feel more like they are at a big league game. ...

Fond memories of 'Mr. Minor League'

| Jul 4, 2015

Fond memories of 'Mr. Minor League'

Sadly, the Baseball Bullet-in says goodbye to a good friend and great fan of the game, Takashi “Bert” Shimada, aka “Mr. Minor League,” who died in Tokyo on June 19 at the age of 87. Though he followed baseball at all levels in his ...

| Jun 6, 2015

New interleague format divides opinion

We’re already more than halfway through Japan’s interleague season, and I overheard a member of the Japanese media say last week, “The interleague games are not interesting.” Say what? Many of the games have been close and just as exciting as non-interleague contests throughout ...